Fatma Zidan

Danish World Award winner 2008 & 2010

After a very big success of “Golden age of Egyptian Music” in Denmark and Sweden and 2013 and "Golden age of Arabian Divas" 2016 a tribute to Arabian music

Presented by Fatma Zidan Ensemble


A concert series with a Danish-Egyptian cultural exchange of musicians with focus in the largest divas in the Middle East ; Oum Kulthum, Warda ,Fayroz, lajla Morad, Sabah , Nagat,Fayza Ahmed


A presentation of the best music which was written in The Middle East in the middle of the last century .


As an extension of the positive and dramatic developments which is happened the last 5 years in the Arabic region - we will present the Arabian cultural roots which has been a continuously inspiration to create the Middle East which appears today. Music is still one of the important elements in the revolution we have seen until now in the Arabian region.


A highly professional level with some of the best Egyptian musicians

with the Egyptian Singer (living in Denmark), Fatma Zidan as Solist – together with international musicians from Denmark with some of the best instrumentalists from Cairo- Egypt.


Repertoire will be from Oum Khaltoum and other singers from

"The Golden Age" such as Warda , Fayruz, Laila Murad, Nagat , etc.



Through the music from “The Golden age” we can improve our understanding - and make a better and more truthful picture of the culture from The Middle East.


This CD release is a unique mix of love songs about experiences from relationships to patriotism. After moving to Denmark - still being an Egyptian -


Fatma Zidan here proves that we now live in a global community where borders between west and east - south and north are getting more and more invisible.


This CD is dedicated to love between all mankind - whether you arefrom a village in upper Egypt or from a Copenhagen suburb.

Voice from Egypt

Fatma Zidan is an outstanding artist from Cairo. Originally she is educated as a classical harp player – but changed her carrier to sing vocals – both classical and pop - 10 years ago.


Fatma Zidan is educated at Conservatoire in Giza, and Zamalek school of Music. She has released two MC/CD in her own name produced by some of the most famous musicians /composers from Egypt and the Gulf area.


Fatma Zidan is one of the most used choir singers for studio recordings in Cairo.



"I am very happy to be able to connect with my fans over the Internet"


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Fatma Zidan