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Fatma zidan

 Singer & Composer

Fatma Zidan

An Egyptian. Danish singer and composer, trained harpist, Teacher and project development. She has lived in Denmar since 2007 , but has grown up in Egypt. where she has hit her musical roots, Her musical talent ranges from classical to modern Arab pop music.

She has been a regular part of the Egyptian opera for seven years and worked with the greatest Egyptian pop stars. In 2008 and 2010, Fatma Zidan won the Danish Music Award in the Best World Track category.

An Egyptian star on her way. With her five releases"Hawel " (Try) and  the classic

Aya haeman (Passionate Love) and the pop-production fot the arabian gulf ; Ella Elzaal (Eccept Sadness) and lately Ghurba and Zaman

FZ performed on various international festivals

  • 2006 Image Of Middle East
  • 2008 “Re-Orient” (Sweden)
  • 2008 Copenhagen jazz festival (Denmark)
  • 2009 Backa (Sweden)
  • 2009 Malmö (Sweden)
  • 2009 Helsingborg (Sweden)
  • 2010 Musik i tide (Denmark)
  • 2011 Spot festival (Denmark)
  • 2011 Førde festival (Norway)
  • 2011 Nordlys festival Tromsø” (Norway)
  • 2011 Geilo (Norway)
  • Musik i tide 2012 (Denmark)
  • Womex Thessaloniki 2012 (Greece).
  • 2013 Vancouver - Calgary (Canada )
  • 2014 Copenhagen world music festival
  • 2015 Copenhagen world music festival
  • 2016 Ord Kraft (Denmark), Copenhagen world music festival, Malmö Festival, Car park


  • 2017 Børn festival, Copenhagen world music festival, Danish open belly dance festival
  • 2017 Bregenz fatma zidan og  middle east peace orchestra  
  • 2018 Tronhjem fatma zidan og  middle east peace orchestra
    • 2018 Busara festival (Zanzibar)






    As 8 years old she started to play the Classical harp at the conservatory untill she became 19.

    Then FZ continued and finished her education as bachelor at the music university.

    Beside that she worked 7 years at the choir in Cairo Opera . In the same time FZ worked as a freelance choir singer for different Arabian popstar. 

    Today she is known as one of the best in her field.

    The song of FZ has deep roots in the Egyptian tradition strongly connected to the diva Oum Khaltoum.

    The touch of FZ is though influenced by the roots she is a part of herself.

    FZ is born in Saudi Arabia of her Egyptian parents – and therefore she has a natural easy way to sing and understand the dialects from the Arabian Gulf area. 

    As a unique experience and with great success FZ in  sept. 2006 worked with the Danish Radio entertainment Orchestra and her own Egyptian ensemble – as the final of the great festival “Images of the Middle East 2006”.

    In DK performed FZ  from 2005-2009 with Oriental Mood.

    2006 performed FZ with DR entertainment orchestra.

    2008 and 2010 received Fatma Zidan Danish Music Awards for best worldtraks.

    2013 toured FZ with "Golden Age Of Egypian Music" In Scandinavia with sold-out concerts at

    Sødre Theatre in Stockholm and The Black Diamond in Copenhagen.

    2014  FZ was a produser to  the project "The world sings" - which contains songs from 18 different countries   and cultures.